Editing Emma by Chloe Seager review

Editing Emma by Chloe Seager


When I saw Editing Emma would be sold at YALC, I was pretty excited. The book sounded like something I would enjoy immensely.

Editing Emma follows Emma as she learns what ghosting is, deals with her mums dating antics and finds out where her passions lies. Together with her three friends Steph, Faith and Gracie, she tries to navigate heartbreak, chatting to men on Tinder (even if you aren’t the one to start your profile!) and getting a little bit too drunk at parties.

Emma and her friends are growing up in a world that revolves around the internet. Not only was it funny – I was laughing to myself within minutes of opening the book – it was open and honest about every day topics, such as female masturbation. This is the first book I’ve encountered that hasn’t shied away from the topic! If more people spoke as openly as Chloe did when writing Editing Emma then less girls will feel awkward talking about masturbation, or even doing it.

It’s possible some might fault Emma for the way she was dating and how she dealt with her breakup but it felt more realistic – I’ve seen different people trying to find a relationship not long after their last one ended. Some gloss over real life teen culture and sometimes that’s fine but I loved Chloe’s portrayal of how teenagers act and speak since it reminds me of when I was in college.

The book may be aimed at teenagers but I don’t care, there’s something to take away no matter what your age is. Who doesn’t like laughing at silly humour?

Plus, if I grew up with a friend like Steph, I definitely would have enjoyed my teen years more.

After reading this book, I’m excited to see what Chloe writes next.

Have you read Editing Emma? What did you think?

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