Hello, fresh start.

Hello, 2019.

I’m going to be honest, I’m a little late greeting you. When I first sat down to write this post, it was December 31st and I was ready to go but then.. nothing. Mind blank. I didn’t know how to start (despite doing this once before, on a blog I no longer use) so decided to step back and try again in the new year. Now it’s the middle of the week, I have to get ready for work tomorrow and start on my university assignment that’s been looming over me all of christmas break but I finally felt ready to greet the year and start another blogging journey.

If you followed my previous blog (which mainly featured books and very little about my life), hello! I hope you stick around and enjoy the new theme I have, which will still include books but more about me, film, tv and life in general. And if we haven’t met before, nice to meet you! I hope we can be friends.

I’ll leave it here for now, I don’t want to let my words get away from me in the very first post.

It’s so lovely to meet you all, and here’s to 2019.

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